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This story, kindly shared by Kyra and James, will reassure those of you who think it’s too late to do a class. Kyra had read the book and listened to the MP3s  but didn’t come on a class until she was 37 weeks pregnant – and Leo arrived just a week later!  He is their first baby and I think that Kyra demonstrates really well how what she learned gave her the confidence to trust her inner voice and let it guide her. Thank you you sharing your story and congratulations! 
LeoIt is now nearly 7 weeks since I gave birth to Leo and I finally have some time to write down how amazing my birth experience was thanks to hypnobirthing and I would really like to share my story with you and those considering hypnobirthing.
At 29 weeks I bought the hypnobirthing book and downloaded the MP3’s which I started listening to at night. I attended a class with my partner James when I was 37 weeks pregnant and this really helped to embed what I had learnt in the book but also gave my partner real confidence in hypnobirthing and allowed him to better understand his role as my birthing partner.
On the night of the 19th April (38 weeks pregnant) I went to bed feeling very tired and with slight backache but thought nothing of it as I was so heavily pregnant. I listened to the affirmations as I fell asleep and focused on my breathing as normal. At 3am I woke as my waters had broken, my partner asked if he needed to call the hospital but I instinctively knew he didn’t need to and told him to go back to sleep. I went back to bed for half an hour but then went downstairs as the surges began and I felt the need to sit on my ball. At this point I didn’t feel the need to listen to the affirmations as I was in a really good place and in control of what was happening.
At 5.30am I woke my partner as I felt the surges were coming closer together and becoming more intense. At this point he got my headphones and I put on the Surges affirmation which really helped me to focus during each surge and concentrate on my breathing, I then continued to listen to the same affirmation right through until I gave birth as I found this one was great for me personally. At 6am we rang my mum and told her to come and get our dog but I told her not to rush as there was time. my partner then rang the hospital and I spoke to the midwife briefly and she listened to me having a surge at which point she recommended leaving within half an hour as we had a 40 minute journey to hospital. I did not feel any urgency to leave the house although the surges were closer together. My partner loaded the car returning to me every time I had a surge so he could hold my hand, that support was fantastic and really helped me to focus on my breathing just knowing he was next to me.
During the car journey I closed my eyes and continued to listen to the affirmation on my headphones. I only opened my eyes twice during the journey and couldn’t believe how quickly that passed, but closing my eyes really helped to shut out all distractions and focus on the affirmation which most definitely helped, and this was a part of labour I was most apprehensive about beforehand.
Once we got to the hospital we went to the birth pool and James explained to the midwife what was happening and told the midwife I didn’t want examining and any other requests I had, she was fantastic and although had never done a hypnobirth before she really listened to my requests and always spoke to my partner and just gave me reassuring looks. I got in the birth pool at 10.30am after arriving at the hospital at 10.10am. At this point I still had my Bluetooth headphones in. At one point I heard the midwife tell James there was gas and air should i need it, this was the only distraction I got and suddenly felt I needed it, however during my next surge I then heard the midwife say to James I don’t need the gas and air and so they didn’t give it to me, I am so grateful for that as they were right I didn’t need it. I only had the gas and air 3 times when I could really feel the baby pushing down but then James took it off me and said I really don’t need it, again this was right because I did feel spaced out when I had it and I had always felt in control before that.  I then told the midwife I felt the baby coming down and at this point I allowed her to examine me and she told me I was ready. James took my headphones off and put the music onto speakers just so I could hear what the midwife was saying to me, I still remained in my zone the whole time as the affirmations didn’t stop and I was only focusing on that and what my body was telling me to do.
At 11.08am Leo Dawson was born weighing 7lb11oz and in the water. It was the most amazing experience and it happened so quickly and I felt so calm and in control, not what I was expecting before reading the book and attending a class. My partner James couldn’t believe how good the experience was and still talks about it now. He was amazing as well because he enabled me to stay in the zone the whole time and knew exactly what I wanted and listened to me all the time, he found the class really helped him prepare for this. My midwife thanked me for the experience and said she loved it and was so pleased to experience a hypnobirth.
Thankyou Sophie for teaching me hypnobirthing, I certainly think it’s because of that I had an 8 hour labour which for my first baby I know is very quick. I will continue to use what I have learnt throughout my life if I am ever in pain.
Thanks again.
Kyra , James (and Leo)

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