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Mindful Mamma hypnobirthing classes

Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing

Mindful Hypnobirthing™

Mindful Mamma is the original one day Mindful Hypnobirthing™ class in the UK and has been running since 2008. It accompanies the best selling book ‘Mindful Hypnobirthing‘.

This is no ordinary hypnobirthing class, we focus our teaching on  how your thoughts affect your body during pregnancy and labour.  By including practical hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques as well as enhanced understanding of the psychology of birth we teach you what you need to know if you want to feel really prepared for your babies birth.

Do you want to be in control, have the techniques to help you?  Do you need your partner to understand their role during the birth and how they can support you using hypnosis and mindfulness? If so then this is the hypnobirthing class for you.

As experienced professionals we are able to offer you a personal and individualised approach, even within a group setting. Hypnosis and mindfulness are not just relaxation techniques, when you are taught in a class like ours you will really understand the difference.

We go much further than the physiological aspects included in other antenatal classes, and we focus on how you can increase your chances of having the birth you want using specific hypnosis and mindfulness techniques that Sophie Fletcher has crafted over 10 years of experience as a hypnotherapist and doula.

You will learn:

  • hypnosis and mindfulness techniques that accompany the best selling book Mindful Hypnobirthing
  • how your partner can support you using hypnosis and mindfulness
  • to feel confident and look forward to your baby’s birth
  • how to ask the right questions and be in control of your choices and why that’s important
  • accelerated conditioning techniques so your body reacts and relaxes quickly to labour (accompanied by 9 mp3 tracks of  unique rapid conditioning)
  • how to do a fear release with a qualified practitioner
  • which techniques work best and why during each contraction
  • why transition throws so many women off track and how you and your partner can handle it
  • the opportunity to reflect, discuss, share questions with a practitioner
  • ongoing support from a Mindful Mamma practitioner
  • exclusive access to our Mindful Mamma online class resource area
  • a discount code for purchase for any of our additional mp3 albums
  • a monthly newsletter with news, video, offers and events

Data we have collected over 7  years shows that over 90% of people believe that their experience was improved by the class irrespective of their birth outcome. Of people who come on our classes, around 20% choose to birth at home and around 80% in hospital.

  • 34%* of our clients use no pain relief at all
  • over 90%* questioned after the classes said it increased their confidence of birth
  • 20%* home birth rate (national average around 2.5%)
  • 98%* say they believe their experience was more positive because of the class


Hypnobirthing practise

As you practise your responses and feeling will change trust that this will happen in line with your intentions.

So what are the benefits of the Mindful Mamma mindful hypnobirthing class? 

  • Calmer baby after birth (mums and midwives always comment on this)
  • Feeling calm, confident and positive about your birth
  • You are able to address and release any fear you may have of birthing and parenting
  • Your birthing partner will understand just how important their role is and rather than feeling helpless know what they can do to help
  • How to stay in your birthing zone and in control of your own responses
  • You’ll be able to make your environment instinctively comfortable, wherever you birth, using hypnosis, and NLP techniques.
  • How to build a trusting relationship with your midwife

In the Mindful Mamma one day mindful hypnobirthing class you will be taught things that you will not be taught in any other standard antenatal class such as your NCT or NHS classes.  Although we do teach hypnosis for birth and hypnobirthing, we base our teaching on the use of hypnosis for birth alongside other techniques, such as yoga or active birth and the class encourages you to learn how hypnosis and relaxation techniques that can be adapted to be flexible for each couple’s birth.

Our team of  hypnobirthing practitioners are experienced in the use of hypnosis and believe less is more, teaching you simple but very effective techniques that will keep you in your birthing zone without even having to think about it.

Our antenatal classes are very informal and relaxed.  We also keep them small which allows for people to ask questions and feel comfortable. Over 90%* of mums who have taken this class* say that the techniques helped them with their birth.

Why does my state of mind affect my body during labour? 

Understanding how your mind affects your body during labour is very important.  Often the psychological preparation for birth is neglected in our society, while still a very central part in many other parts of the world. Even birth units today are beginning to change based on the idea that a woman needs to feel safe, private and unobserved during labour.

Did you know that if you are scared of birthing, this will impact on your birth. If you are calm, you maximise your chances of a great birth. Feeling reassured and calm are essential for a good birth, we specialise and prioritise this with mindful hypnobirthing and teach you why this is so important.

How does hypnosis/hypnobirthing help me for birth? 

Hypnobirthing is different to just birth relaxation classes and women that have used hypnobirthing say that they experience a subtle shift in how well they feel and how prepared they are, often reporting that they were just very calm as well during labour.

Hypnosis is a very natural state of mind, we are in hypnosis every day without even realising it.   The class teaches you how and why using hypnosis can help you prepare for birth. There’s no hocus pocus or Derren Brown antics, just lots of relaxation and common sense.

This course explains the theory of the mind and body connection in simple terms using case studies  and examples, then you learn techniques, including relaxation, creative visualisation and self-hypnosis.  Read Elizabeth’s story to get an idea of how hypnobirthing can help.

What about the birthing partner? 

There is a lot of focus on what to do on the day, the role of the birthing partner, and how both of you can prepare and work together to feel confident and in control. Dads say they love this course as it tells them “what happens, why it happens, and what do do about it”.

Andy wrote to us after taking the Mindful Mamma hypnobirthing class:

“I would just like to commend you on designing and running such a really fantastic course! It really has empowered  both of us,to the point where most of our fears about birth have disappeared already. We have always wanted to go down the natural birth route, but felt that there was not enough support & advice out there about how to do it drug and pain free. Your course, although short, covered pretty much all aspects that I felt were missing from our antenatal classes & many more. Vic now feels a lot more confidant, and I actually feel like I have a proper role in the whole event, other that driving her to the hospital & sitting on the rocking chair! “

 What do I get when I sign up for your mindful hypnobirthing class? 

When you attend a class you will receive

  • The Mindful Hypnobirthing MP3s so you can start practising before the class
  • An exclusive class only online resource area, with more than 10 unconscious conditioning mp3 tracks to reinforce the techniques
  • 50% discount code for all the albums and mp3s

This class goes very well alongside NCT classes – if you have enjoyed the elements about oxytocin and adrenaline and birth hormones but feel you would like to know more about this – you can learn much more about this in our class, with practical techniques to increase the flow of oxytocin and reduce adrenaline.

We work in close contact with Independent Midwives, the National Childbirth Trust and other therapists, including acupuncturists, reflexologists, doulas, and aromatherapists to help you achieve the birth you want.

*Additional hypnobirthing mp3s can be downloaded here

* Based on birth survey responses received