Hypnobirthing in Loughborough– Fernanda Salfity

Hypnobirthing in Loughborough

Hi, I’m Fernanda Salfity and I teach the Mindful Mamma class in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

I am a mother of three girls, a birth doula and a breastfeeding counsellor.  My training background is in science with a PhD in Medical Physics.

Pregnancy and birth are amazing and intense times in life. My passion for supporting women during this special period began when I had my own children. My first baby was born a bit prematurely, in hospital. Later, during my second pregnancy I discovered hypnobirthing. As a consequence, with my second and third babies I had beautiful home water hypnobirths.

Over the years, I supported friends in their pregnancies and births, and in 2017 I trained as a birth doula. In addition to these experiences, my enthusiastic interest in mindfulness meant that becoming a Mindful Mamma practitioner was a natural next step for me to take. I have been teaching the Mindful Mamma class since April 2017.

The Mindful Mamma class will equip you and your birth partner with crucial tools for you to practice before the birth. As a result, no matter how the birth unfolds, by being in the moment, feeling in control and able to make informed choices, you will emerge empowered and confident to start or continue on your parenting path. It will be an honor for me to be a part of your journey.

Testimonials about my classes

“Very good. Fernanda was very informative and gave us some great tips.” December 2018 workshop

“It was a great way to view labour and birth overall. Bu using the techniques give in the workshop it makes you realise that labour isn’t a stressful process but more of a liberating one.” December 2018 workshop.

“The class was very informative and we learnt how to use the different techniques to aid our relaxation during birth.  Fernanda was very helpful.  We left feeling incredibly positive about the birth of our baby.  I would definitely recommend the Hypnobirthing class and particularly Fernanda.” Catherine and Charles

“Thank you very much for the day, it was very informative and helped me a lot to put everything in perspective. I had lots of questions beforehand regarding the process of what to use, when, etc. and you helped to answer these. I’m more confident about my birth experience now and what I’d like.” Kata and Attila

“As a family we cannot thank Fernanda enough for all her help and support, we now highly recommend hypnobirthing and having a Doula to anyone we know expecting a baby!” Katie and Nathan (you can read their full birth story here.)

“The labour didn’t really go to plan, it was 36 hours long and ended in an emergency caesarean but the hypnobirthing worked amazingly well! I managed 34 hours using the techniques you taught us and a little gas and air. One of the midwives who looked after us had recently done a dissertation on hypnobirthing and commented on what a great example of it working we were. So thank you very much for being a great teacher, it all really helped during the labour. I will definitely be recommending Mindful Mamma’s to any pregnant friends :)” Vicky and Paul

What you get from the class

In the Mindful Mamma class you will learn:

  • hypnosis and mindfulness techniques that accompany the best-selling book Mindful Hypnobirthing
  • how your partner can support you using hypnosis and mindfulness
  • to feel confident and look forward to your baby’s birth
  • how to ask the right questions and be in control of your choices and why that’s important
  • accelerated conditioning techniques so your body reacts and relaxes quickly to labour (accompanied by 9 mp3 tracks of  unique rapid conditioning)
  • how to do a fear release with a qualified practitioner
  • which techniques work best and why during each contraction
  • why transition throws so many women off track and how you and your partner can handle it
  • the opportunity to reflect, discuss, share questions with a practitioner

After the class you will get:

  • my ongoing support
  • exclusive access to our Mindful Mamma online class resource area
  • a discount code for purchase for any of our additional mp3 albums
  • a monthly newsletter with news, video, offers and events

“Experience of the phenomenal capacity of our birthing body can give us an enduring sense of our own power as women. Birth is the beginning of life; the beginning of mothering, and of fathering. We all deserve a good beginning.” Sarah J. Buckley

My Classes

I teach group classes either as a one-day class or as two 3-hour sessions, as well as private one-to-one classes.

The two-session format is ideal if you prefer a shorter session and to have time to practise the techniques in between the two sessions. Please note: you only need to book into one of the two sessions for the full workshop.

Group classes cost: £145 per couple. A non-refundable deposit of £35 is required upon booking.

* Sunday 5th May 2019, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm – One-day class

* Saturdays 11th and 18th of May 2019, 9 am – 12.30 pm – two 3 and a half hour sessions (book into just one of the sessions for the full workshop)

* Saturdays 8th and 15th of June 2019, 9 am – 12.30 pm – two 3 and a half hour sessions (book into just one of the sessions for the full workshop)

* Sunday 30th June 2019, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm – One-day class

* Saturday 6th July 2019, 9 am – 4 pm – One-day class

* Sunday 4th August 2019, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm – One-day class

* Sunday 25th August 2019, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm – One-day class

More coming soon, please get in touch if you want to find out about future dates.

Private One to One Classes

These can be adapted to suit your particular needs and can be done as a one day class or in two three-hour blocks on different days. The price of a private class is £250. Please get in touch if you are interested in this option.

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Contact me

077 4856 8694