Hypnobirthing Stories

Here are a selection of hypnobirthing stories. There are mix of stories at home, at hospital, some with intervention, others without. All of our hypnobirthing stories show how positively the mum experienced their birth and how empowering their experience was.   Some stories show how they used the techniques and how they helped at specific parts of the birth. Most of all these hypnobirthing stories inspire you and tell you that you can do it too.  We don’t edit them, these are honest accounts of their birth experience, we recognise that even if you have prepared using hypnobirthing that sometimes that course of your birth can alter, being prepared and confident in understanding your choices, being in calm space all contribute to having a positive experience.   Keep these hypnobirthing stories flowing and thank you to all the mums, dads and babies that have shared their hypnobirthing stories.

If you’d like to share your hypnobirthing story please get in touch.