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All our practitioners are registered with a professional organisation

Next Mindful Hypnobirthing Teaching Dates:


All hypnobirthing training is by Sophie Fletcher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of  the best selling book ‘Mindful Hypnobirthing’.

There is easy access to Grantham via the East Coast Trainline and the A1 with plenty of accommodation nearby. Our Surrey venue is within easy reach of the A3 and M25.

We only run two hypnobirthing training courses a year, so that new practitioners can be properly supported in their first year

The next hypnobirthing training classes:

30th June, 1st and 2nd July – Grantham

6th,7th and 8th October – Surrey

10th/11th/12th November, Sydney, Australia

23rd,24th and 25th February 2018 – Grantham

If you teach hypnobirthing as a Mindful Mamma Practitioner you don’t just learn a course you also:

  • have access to more than 30 teaching and support videos online once trained
  • become part of a professionally ethical and unique hypnobirthing team
  • learn a simple, life changing course for women and their partners set up by a clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist
  • the only one day mindfulness hypnobirthing course in the UK
  • receive training from an accredited hypnotherapist and Fellow of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and an NHS midwife
  • A starter pack with a set of leaflets, training manual and a USB key filled with information
  • Your own personal @mindfulmamma.co.uk and Mindful Mamma webpage that you can update, add pictures, videos and links to
  • Flexibility to teach certain elements of the course in the best way for you
  • Online bookings and administration managed centrally
  • benefit from a great customer support programme
  • A support network of practitioners experienced in mindfulness, hypnosis and antenatal care
  • Benefit from the ‘Mindful Hypnobirthing Book‘, written by Sophie Fletcher and published by Random House
  • Access to a range of leaflets and branded products
  • Centrally managed national social media support, and monthly newsletter sent to all your clients
Midwife or antenatal teacher Hypnotherapist Talking therapist/CNHC Complementary therapist with pregnancy specialism No previous experience Existing Hypnobirthing Practitioners
2 days full training 2 days full training 3 days enhanced training 3 days enhanced training 2 day conversion course
Accredited Accredited Accredited Associate Accredited/Associate based on previous experience
£600 £600 £750 £750 £350


* If you have had some training in hypnosis previously please contact me directly

We have 2 levels of hypnobirthing training:

 Accredited and Associate 

Accredited is for those who have extensive previous experience of working with women in pregnancy such as midwives or antenatal teachers or those working therapeutically such as hypnotherapists and other talking therapists. Our accredited teachers are able to be more flexible with the course, and are qualified to deliver tailored one to one hypnobirthing programmes under the name of Mindful Mamma.  Accredited Mindful Mamma practitioners  MUST be qualified as either, midwives, hypnotherapists, counsellors, NCT teachers or clinical psychologists or complementary practitioners registered with a Department of Health recognised body.


Associate  is for those of you who have had no prior experience of working therapeutically or antenatally with women. As an associate practitioner you are qualified to teach the class but you must stick to the class content. If at any time you do further training which supports you to work in an accredited capacity you can switch after discussion.

About teaching Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing


Mindful Mamma is a registered trademark and you can only teach hypnobirthing as a Mindful Mamma practitioner if you have trained with us.

“I recently attended a Mindful Mamma Practitioner training course run by Sophie. It was a great weekend which was expertly organised and delivered. The content of the course was well thought through and clearly explained. I am now looking forward to working as a Mindful Mamma practitioner as part of this excellent organisation.” Tracy

Our course has been tried and tested over 8 years and we have taught over 1,000 women. We have a high satisfaction rate (based on 6 monthly birth reports) with our classes and have grown through word of mouth. We train no more than 10 practitioners* in each cohort,  preferring to grow slowly and maintain quality.

Our classes are particularly popular as they give you the flexibility to use your own techniques as long as you get the core Mindful Mamma messages across to your couples. When you train you’ll be able to teach hypnobirthing flexibly but with the confidence of knowing you have a great network behind you.

We get feedback from clients that is outstanding and due to the ability of the practitioners to tailor the class to their individual clients.

I’m incredibly proud of how our practitioners teach and am 100% confident that their skills and backgrounds mean that Mindful Mamma has a valued reputation with couples and their caregivers.

Where is the hypnobirthing training held?


I hold the hypnobirthing training in Grantham in a great room, it’s within walking distance from the station and with access to local accommodation.

There are direct rail links on the East Coast Line to London KX (1hr 10 mins), Leeds, York (1 1/2 hours), Newcastle, Edinburgh (3 1/2 hours), Derby, Manchester and Liverpool. There is also easy access to the A1 and M1 via the A52.

Please contact admin@mindfulmamma.co.uk to order your free training pack and find out more about the Terms and Conditions.

*We take higher numbers in the conversion course