Hypnobirthing in West Nottingham with Rachel Croll

Hypnobirthing in Nottingham – Rachel Croll

About me

My name is Rachel and I am a mum of two small children, Sofia Four and Jacob one.

I have been very blessed and had two very positive birthing experiences. I completed a Mindful mamma workshop during my first pregnancy. By practising my hypnobirthing techniques and working with my birth partner  i was able to  have a positive hospital pool birth. I was excited to use hypnobirthing for my second pregnancy and keen to avoid any intervention .  Subsequently  with my second I was able to have an empowering birth at home in a pool. I do love the water and would highly recommend water during pregnancy and labour .

I have been an advocate of hypnobirthing since starting out as a midwife five years ago.  Seeing how calming and powerful hypnobirthing can be during labour, made me want to explore it more. I want all women to be able to have a positive birth experience. 

Furthermore I love working with woman and their partners.  I’m passionate about empowering women. Also sharing my knowledge and teaching them new skills.  I aim to increase their confidence, therefore helping them to feel more in control . this will aid them to achieve a more positive birth experience.

I have been a nurse for 11 years working in various settings but have always had a keen interest in working with women .  As well as teaching hypnobirthing, I am a midwife at The Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. I help woman during all stages of pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. 


  • The whole day flowed really well. Rachel was clearly knowledgeable and kept us engaged throughout. There was a variety of exercise styles and she made us feel comfortable with the other couples and with moving around. It was great to be able to be fully immersed in the practice for a day and we got to try meditations that weren’t in the book. Doing them in a room with other people was, on the one hand, great practice for the birth itself, and on the other it actually allowed me to focus even better and go deeper. It was also great sharing this with my partner and feeling them fully engaged.
  • My partner and I had a wonderful private  hypnobirthing class with Mindful Mamma Practitioner Rachel. The day was really well organised in a calm and relaxing environment. With her kind, warm and friendly approach, Rachel shared her expertise, knowledge and insight about hypnobirthing and how to prepare and practice for labour. She instilled confidence in us as mum and birth partner.  we now feel well equipped and calmly excited about the birth of our baby..!
  • We are so grateful having found the Mindful Mamma workshop, and for meeting Rachel, who, as a Mindful Mamma Practitioner, midwife and mother. she is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and a great teacher! We would highly recommend her workshop, it is empowering, relaxing and positive. with the focus on bringing a baby into this world in a calm, peaceful and loving way.

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BSC Hons in nursing

BSC Hons in midwifery

Mindful mamma hypnobirthing training

Recommended reading

I find Ina May Gaskins, Spiritual Midwifery is empowering and enlightening.


Local links

These are some of the local groups that I highly recommend for expectant and new parents:

Nottingham home birth group www.nottinghamhomebirth.org

Nicky Grace independent midwife www.birthgrace.com

The yoga village offering antenatal, postnatal and baby yoga www.theyogavillage.co.uk

Nottingham and Derby sling library, for all your sling related needs, www.derbyslinglibrary.co.uk

Any further questions please contact me on Rachel@mindfulmamma.co.uk