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A Bit About Me

I hold Hypnobirthing Workshops in Woodhall Spa. My name is Alex.  As practitioners, we are all proud of the RCM accredited training course we have all completed with Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing.

Many years ago I trained as a nurse. Following and pursuing my real passion as a midwife is what gave me real joy in my life. I’ve always been interested in complementary therapies and how they can assist pregnancy and birth. In particular I was fascinated with the success stories I’d heard relating to Hypnobirthing and this then became my goal, to run Hypnobirthing workshops in Woodhall Spa.

I have four children, all grown up now. Three of which I had at home. When my eldest daughter, who has special needs, was old enough for me to return to work, I commenced a rather arduous but rewarding, return to midwifery course.

Since my return I have seen many changes, some very much for the better. But what struck me, was the level of anxiety that some women and their partners experienced. The lack of available emotional/psychological preparation they received before the birth of their child and after, needed to be explored.

Something that is such a wondrous, magnificent event, in so may cases was shrouded in apprehension and lack of control. This saddened me greatly.

My first experience of Hypnobirthing was when I was responsible for the care of a couple in labour.

The mother and her partner were noticeable calm and in control. Therefore, Mum was completely in her birthing zone and the father was impressively relaxed and confident. I was completely in awe of the benefits of Hypnobirthing from that point on.

The atmosphere in the room was lovely and we worked together in a collaborative way. It was not until after the blissfully relaxed birth of their beautiful baby, that I was told they were using Hypnobirthing techniques.

And so, because of these experiences, I start of a wonderful journey of discovery into the world of Mindful Hypnobirthing. So here I am, very excited and inspired in being a Mindful Mamma Practitioner, teaching and informing parents, so they can feel empowered, calm, confident and prepared.

The following article is an interesting read and is why I feel mindfulness and hypnobirthing work together so well.

Mindfulness in Childbirth



Post Natal

If you’re a Mother in Asia, Africa, South America and many other places on the globe, you may spend up to 6 weeks post childbirth recovering, with family and friends taking over chores and looking after you. In India Mothers and baby’s are massaged for 40 days.

In our hectic imbalanced culture and society women are expected to bounce back in a heart beat with little support. In Midwifery its often referred to as the Cinderella service as funding has been minimal.

The World Health Organisation- states that the post-natal phase is the most critical phase, yet it has been neglected.

Robozo is a wonderfully simple way of using a traditional Mexican scarf/shawl to help give comfort and support to an expectant mamma in pregnancy, childbirth and the baby moon period.  Using rocking, sifting movements and wrapping the baby bump, great comfort and relaxation can be promoted. Postnatally the scarf/ shawl can then be used as a baby sling or to rock baby.

Its such a wonderful traditional way to help new mothers and a skill that I hope will become used more widely. My Workshops include a session on teaching a few very simple techniques to couples

Forthcoming Classes and Booking

Sunday 15th September 2019

Sunday 29th September 2019

Sunday 6th October 2019

Sunday 13th October 2019

Sunday 20th October 2019

Sunday 3rd November 2019

Sunday 10th November 2019

Sunday 17th November 2019

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Sunday 1st December 2019

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All classes are held at:


7 Sylvan Avenue. Woodhall Spa


LN10 6SL


  • Qualified Midwife  RCM
  • Certificate of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in Traditional Indian Head Massage
  • Mindful Mamma Practitioner
  • Rebozo Pracitioner (RCM accredited course)

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