Mindful Hypnobirthing in St Gallen & Zurich, Switzerland – Kimberley Hayward-Senn


Mindful Hypnobirthing with Kimberley Hayward-Senn

My hypnobirthing journey began back in 2014, when I packed in my high pressure job as a surgical veterinary nurse and moved to Switzerland with my husband.

Yoga has always been a large part of my life. It has helped me with work related lower back pain and stress relief. Therefore the idea I needed to change my lifestyle for the better  was right before my eye’s. So on seeing this I embarked on my Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification in 2016.

I founded https://www.breatheyogach.com/ and became the first person in St Gallen to offer solely English led yoga classes accessible to the ex-pat community.

A year later I undertook my Pre-natal Yoga Certification. It was during this course that I found out that I myself was  pregnant. It opened my eye’s up to how yoga, mindfulness and deep relaxation are so critical to the pregnant women and for a natural birth.

Because of my yogic background, I started to hunt around for a natural birthing centre. I happened to stumble across a great midwife led centre who pointed me towards the practice of Hypnobirthing.

The notion of deep relaxation was not new to me. Most importantly it made total sense for a natural, intervention free birth. I undertook my own Hypnobirthing training through Mindful Mamma whilst in my 6th month of pregnancy and birthed a healthy baby boy here in Switzerland.

I can not stress enough how much Hypnobirthing allowed for me to have the birth that I had hoped for. This has inspired me to bring the Mindful Mamma technique’s to Switzerland. Allowing for this content for the first time to be accessible through English led classes in St Gallen & Zurich.


Up coming classes:

22nd September 2019 (ZURICH) – Book Here

Various dates available for private sessions – please email me to discuss a suitable date/time for you via kim@mindfulmamma.co.uk



Please visit  www.breatheyogach.com for testimonials of my pre-natal and birthing workshops



Mindful Mamma Certified Practitioner

280hr Yoga Alliance Hatha & Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher

Currently undertaking 500hr Yoga Alliance Master’s Vinyasa Yoga Certification


Local resources:

These are some of the local groups I recommend for support for pregnant mothers:


Pregnancy Yoga – http://www.breatheyogach.com

Natural midwife led birthing centre – https://www.geburtshaus-sg.ch/

Friendly small hospital with birth pools – https://www.spitalverbund.ch/angebote-heiden-herisau/departement-frauenklinik/

Post-natal midwife’s – https://www.ostschweizer-hebammen.ch/

Support & Inspiration – https://www.positivebirthmovement.org/