4th Trimester

Mindful Mamma Baby Self-Care pack



Time and time again we have been told, “I miss my hypnobirthing practice” or “no one prepared me for this”. We think that hypnobirthing practice isn’t just about birth, it’s also about those early days of you becoming a mother. Self-care is crucial to building strong foundations for motherhood and becoming a parent.

With this in mind, we have developed an instantly accessible digital pack for those hours from birth right through and into early parenting.  This has been co-created by Sophie Fletcher in collaboration with experienced antenatal and post-natal practitioner Sophie Burch, from both parenting and professional experience.  It’s an online pack that you can have on your phone/tablet via app or your computer, to turn to at any time of the day, or night that you choose or when you need it most.


19 x MP3’s

15 individual videos to be watched on any screen or mobile and the Teachable App

A course notes booklet to download

Affirmations to download, print and use however, whenever and wherever you wish

Access to a Private Facebook Group for ongoing support and to connect with other new mothers using the pack.

You can download the pack by clicking this link “I would love a moment of feeling calm“.


“Yes, there is something for my mum’s self care too!”

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“With so much emphasis and preparation focused on pregnancy and birth, it is wonderful to see the 4th trimester being given such space in this wonderful programme. The transition into motherhood is a complex, emotional and challenging time for any new mother and this package gives women the tools to make this time a littler easier. As a mum of 4 and midwife I wish this had been around when I had my babies”

Clemmie Hooper, Midwife, Author, Blogger and Mother of 4 @mother_of_daughters gasandairblog.com 

“The early days of parenting can often feel fraught – with a new person to get to know, and so many new skills to learn! We can often feel overwhelmed during this time, with a pressure to ‘get it right’ alongside the discomfort of not knowing what we are doing. This course, designed to support parents during the earliest days of parenting, provides a number of deeply soothing tracks to listen to alongside comprehensive explanations about why they work. In particular, the ‘healing’ and ‘parenting confidence’ tracks can offer additional support on your more vulnerable days.”

Dr Emma Svanberg, Clinical Psychologist, The Mumologist. #makebirthbetter

“It’s about time someone made a mindfulness program for new mothers. At this time of change it can be so easy to forget to look after yourself or become overwhelmed with anxiety. I’m delighted that Mindful Mamma is here to help women thrive as they enter motherhood”. 

– Rebecca Schiller, Author, Campaigner, Birthrights

The Mindul Mamma Digital Pack is worth it’s weight in Gold! If you are feeling overwhelmed by motherhood and needing some gentle reassurance and guidance then look no further. This is a must buy for any woman venturing into motherhood who needs a boost of confidence to her realise that she can do it, and everything is going to be okay!

-Anja Moncrieff, Pregnancy Coach

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Please note:  If you are very teary after 4 days, and you are struggling to cope at any time please talk to your health visitor of midwife. They are there to support you and help. Sometimes we need a bit more help than we though we would, and that’s ok.