Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training

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Want to train to teach women, on this absolutely unique course?  You can!

Our course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) which gives you peace of mind that the course has been rigorously assessed.

All our training is run face to face by Sophie Fletcher, author of Mindful Hypnobirthing, who has 10+ years experience of working with hypnotherapy, mindfulness and birth. Sophie is a Fellow of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and has worked with hundreds of couples.

Susan Henderson, Midwife, with 10+ years of teaching antenatal education,   is our second trainer, and has experience of working with several different methods of hypnosis for birth as well as the use of  hypnosis and mindfulness in a clinical setting.

For every 6 hours of the workshop you will teach, you receive a minimum 3 hours face to face training.  In total there are 26 hours of training available.

Next Training

February 23/24/25 – Grantham (easy access A1 and East Coast Line) – Last few places remaining!

October 12/13/14 – Grantham (easy access A1 and East Coast Line (1 hour 5 mins from London KX)

Next Steps!

Application – if you are interested you can apply for an application pack and a breakdown of the cost of training.  Places start at £400 if you are an existing practitioner.

When you know you want to join our group, you can pay a deposit to secure your place. We have early bird offers in place, so keep an eye out.  We are happy to spread payments if that makes it easier for you.

You can get started on the birth module once you have made full payment, and will receive an mp3 to prepare for your training with. A successful hypnobirthing practice starts with self-belief and confidence!

Alex Gould, Midwife

Part one: Preparation. Online Birth Module: Taught by a Alex Gould (Midwife) and Sophie Fletcher

Day 1: All non-hypnotherapists (Taught by Sophie Fletcher)

You will learn the history of hypnosis, its applications, ethical boundaries, practical hypnosis, language and voice, visualisation, conditioning, storytelling, suggestion, confidence building and modalities.  There is lots of practical experience, and you will receive a script and tracks before the class to get used to before you come. This day prepares you for the techniques we use in the workshop.

Day 2: Everyone (Taught by Sophie Fletcher)

Start with a body scan mediation. On this day we look at the philosophy underpinning the class, and explore the difference between mindfulness and hypnosis. Understanding how the two work symbiotically during pregnancy, labour and birth is vital in teaching the class. In the afternoon, we begin to look at the class, structure, framework and the format.

Day 3: Everyone (Taught by Sophie Fletcher and a Midwife)

Day two we continue with the format of the class. We often find that lots of practical questions arise on this day as you will be raring to go!

Sophie Fletcher

Additional:  There is a follow online course of the day, with the techniques broken down into refresher videos that you can view anytime to build confidence. There is also online Marketing Module to get you started.


This done by a structured, reflection after the day, followed by a structured reflection after your first class. All the people on your first class will be sent a detailed feedback from, so you can help progress and develop your potential! There is support centrally if there are areas you aren’t sure about after the class.

We have a once monthly online meeting with all practitioners led by Sophie Fletcher that can support your teaching as well.

Once all of this is completed, you will get your certificate and you will be a fully fledged Mindful Mamma Practitioner. 

Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training
Practising hypnosis!

As part of the training and ongoing support you receive the following:

Starter pack, with  manual, USB with materials.

  • Access to an online resources area with additional resources, research and articles
  • Your own mindfulmamma/name webpage and mindfulmamma email
  • Central administrative support, class processing, and ongoing client support
  • easy to use online booking system
  • Benefit of online downloads for all your clients
  • Clients have an online resource area (handouts are mostly electronic)
  • Access to a practitioner and client Facebook Group
  • Use of the bestselling Mindful Hypnobirthing in your teaching (over 20,000 copies sold)
  • Monthly online meet up with Sophie Fletcher
  • Wide range of materials for online social media use on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Mindful Mamma leaflets
  • One a year CPD day
  • Use of promotional stand and materials for shows
  • Beautiful infographics and hypnobirthing products for your clients
  • Presentations for introductory talks to midwifes and women
  • Additional opportunity to run Blessingways, breastfeeding hypnosis workshops and much more