Mindfulness and Hypnosis Based Training for Midwives, Doulas and Birth Workers


We run a range of training, from practitioner training through to one day courses for midwives and birth workers as well as bespoke courses for Universities and Hospitals.  We are based in the East Midlands, so are within easy reach of most of the UK, especially Yorkshire, the North West, South West.


Practitioner Training

Royal College of Midwives Accredited.

With a growing number of Hypnobirthing Teacher Training courses available, we understand that just saying we are “Unique”, “Trusted” and “Gold Standard” may not cut the mustard.  We are not as mainstream as some, and like to keep it that way.  We are not into training you, taking your money and sending you out there to fend for yourselves (possibly battling for space in a busy market of Hypnobirthing teachers and methods). We will support you, helping you to work collaboratively with us and your neighbouring Hypnobirthing colleagues.  We supply you with everything (and more) that you will need to get you started and market your new skills to the people who need you.  We offer numerous resourses, a friendly Practitioner Facebook Group and more to welcome you to our modest family of Mindful Mamma teachers.  Have a look here for further info

Our practitioner training runs twice a year and is designed to sit alongside the book Mindful Hypnobirthing.  We have proudly been awarded an acceditation from The Royal College of Midwives, which vouches for the standard and professionalism of our course.
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One day courses coming in 2019.

We also run this training in house on request, please contact us if you are interested.

Next Training

June 7/8/9 – Grantham, Midlands

October 11/12/13 – Grantham, Midlands


Sophie Fletcher Clinical Hypnotherapist, Doula and author of the bestselling book, Mindful Hypnobirthing, runs all the training, alongside an NHS midwife.


Mindfulness and hypnosis for Infant Feeding 

This course will explore how a woman’s psychology affects her attitudes to feeding. It explores techniques that can be used to increased breastfeeding success as well.  This course is run by Sophie Fletcher, Clinical Hypnotherapist andInfant Feeding Specialist and Midwife Susan Henderson.

Suitable for:  Midwives, Student Midwives, Doulas and Breastfeeding Counsellors




Mindfulness and Hypnosis for a Gentle Caesarean

This one day course will teach the value of mindfulness and hypnosis preparation for gentle caesarean, not just the value of preparation for baby in utero, but also on the woman and her partner in preparing emotionally for the birth and the period shortly after. You’ll learn some simple practical techniques that can help the mother and her partner have a better birth experience, and which can help with healing and pain management afterwards.

Taught by Sophie Fletcher and Susan Henderson

Suitable for:  Midwives, student midwives, birth workers, doctors


Practical applications of hypnosis and mindfulness in the Workplace

This one day course was originally designed for York University. It is not a practitioner training course, but a full day exploring psychological approaches that couples take in preparation for birth.  You’ll learn the differences in mindfulness and hypnosis, belief, expectation and self-efficacy.

We look at how couples may have prepared, their expectations when they come to the unit. What they might bring with them, how they may wish to communicate. You’ll be able to practice applications of techniques such as hypnosis, language and reframing that can help couples have a better birth even if their hypnobirthing plans may not go as they wanted. We look at the use of hypnosis for high risk birth as well.

This is a very interactive day, and you may even take away a few techniques that you can use on yourself. What we can guarantee is that you will be very relaxed and 100% when that next hypnobirthing couple comes through the door, that you will be able to help them have a better birth whatever happens.

This day is run by Sophie Fletcher a clinical hypnotherapist, doula and author of Mindful Hypnobirthing, and Susan Henderson, Midwife.

Suitable for:  midwives, student midwives, and doctors.

Psychology of Self-Care

We know how hard it can be working in a stressful, challenging work environment and how draining emotionally and physically you can feel. There are simple things that we can teach you, which will help you to find some headspace, recenter yourself, and build emotional resilience, so you can love the job you do and feel good about getting up and going to work in the morning.

You’ll learn about attitudes to work, belief, how to manage relationships with individuals at work, look after yourself during challenging experiences at work. This includes practical techniques, and solutions for building resilience.

Taught by Sophie Fletcher Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness expert and Susan Henderson, Midwife.

Suitable for: Midwives, Student Midwives, Doulas



Moving away from the more commercialised approach to Baby Showers, a Blessingway brings a woman’s  friends together in a gentle and loving ceremony that welcomes her as a mother, and her baby into their community. It is a gentle movement into motherhood, a beautiful experience that connects and bonds a woman and her baby to the strength of her friends and community.

The psychology behind this is that it nurtures inner strength and begins to prepare the mother for her birth journey in a deeply unconscious way. It’s about acceptance and growth, increasing her sense of feeling equipped internally and externally as she makes her journey into motherhood. This is an important part of Jung’s hero’s quest. Knowing that although sometimes she may be physically alone on their journey that there is a greater holding – this understanding helps the hero in the success of their quest and in their growth.

You’ll learn how to structure the day, actives that are traditional and some which are adapted for today’s world. After this day you will be able to offer a Blessingway as a service to your clients or to women who are pregnant as a meaningful alternative to a baby shower.

Run by Sophie Fletcher and Susan Henderson.

Suitable for: Birthworkers, Birth Events organisers.