Private Hypnobirthing Class

Private Hypnobirthing Class

Private Hypnobirthing

Private Mindful Hypnobirthing Class

A private hypnobirthing class is a really popular option as our sessions can be tailored to you and your birth experience.  We are the only hypnobirthing class that can do a very tailored approach.  All our practitioners are professionally trained prior to becoming a Mindful Mamma practitioner, and able to move beyond the confines of a group class and standard class outline.

If you choose to do a private hypnobirthing class with one of our mindful mamma practitioners you will get 6 hours one to one tuition not only on how to use the techniques, but the opportunity to tailor your own birth preferences and prepare in a way that is unique to your birth. With a private hypnobirthing class you have the flexibility to do this in your own home at a time that suits you.

A private hypnobirthing class can be a particularly good option for couples that have individual circumstances; such more complicated pregnancies, have experienced trauma relating to birth or pregnancy in the past, severe tokophobia (fear of birth) or are preparing for a caesarean birth.

We find that while some people choose to do class that a private hypnobirthing class suits others more.

On a private hypnobirthing class the  benefits are:

  • Six hours of one to one tuition and on going support
  • Tailored birth preferences and techniques
  • Tailored advice on optimising your choice of birth place
  • Chance to discuss individual fears or anxieties you may not wish to discuss in a group
  • Additional techniques representing your own beliefs and wishes

The cost of a private hypnobirthing class varies from practitioner to practitioner based on experience and training, though normally start at £250. If you are doing it in your own home most practitioners charge mileage or you can travel to the practitioner at no extra cost.