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Congratulations on your pregnancy! First of all we know you can do this. However you are feeling right now about birth, you can adapt and change your feelings so you can make the experience one you can look back on with joy the rest of your life. You can find a class in the UK, Australia, Belgium.

We keep couples in mind when we teach. Everyone in the room has an important role to play. The techniques you learn will have you working together as a team, able to be calm, stay focused or to ask the questions you need to with a deep-seated confidence. When all of this in place, baby can born into a gentle, loving environment, both parents connected in the experience through the preparation they have done.

In our one day workshop we use simple, practical techniques such as visualisation, hypnosis and mindfulness, which build on what you have read in the book.  You practitioner will show you how you can learn to manage pain, boost confidence and feel in control. Workshops to accompany the book start from just £130.


Why has Mindful Hypnobirthing been a bestseller since it’s launch in 2014? Because women recommend it to other women based on the fact that it works. A birth coach in your pocket, it shows you mindfulness and hypnobirthing techniques that will work throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. Partners love it too as it tells you what happened, why it happens and what to do (or not to do!) about it. Based on both stories of women and evidence from research this book will help you and your partner have a positive experience.

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Class take place in the UK, Belgium, Australia and Brazil. The workshop reinforces everything you've read, and listened to. Success is all about applying what you've learned in different ways and really embedding it at a deeply unconscious level so you do it automatically. The workshop is designed to do this for you, it's jam packed full of ideas, opportunities to practice, ask questions and get ongoing support from our Mindful Mamma team. You get access to our members resource area and additional mp3s. It runs across many locations in the UK, but if you can't find one near you let us know.

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Training & CPD

You may want to train as one of our practitioners or you may want to attend one of our CPD days. We run a range of training days for Midwives, Birth Workers and Health Visitors. Training counts towards CPD and each participant gets an attendance certificate. Our CPD days are set up and run by a midwife and hypnotherapist, with guest facilitators.

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MP3 Downloads

We have downloads for you, your partner and your baby! Maybe you want to try the hugely popular Original Mindful Mamma Album, or perhaps you have had your baby and want to continue the relaxation so the Confident Mamma may be the right one for you. Did you know that your baby can benefit from the music too, if you have been using hypnobirthing. You may just find that they settle if you put the background music on!

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