I’m not sure. I’ve still got lots of questions.

We are used to answering lots of questions about this approach to birth.
Some of the common questions we are asked are answered below. If yours isn’t give us the chance to answer it and for you to explore this remarkable approach to birth.

Who are your classes for?

We offer a wide range of classes aimed at anyone who wants to give their baby a gentle and loving start in life. If you want to have a natural and a positive experience of birth that you can look back and treasure – for the rest of your life, then these classes are for you. It’s as simple as that. We are bombarded with images of labour as a medical and difficult event. During these classes, you will regain your faith in natural labour – and look forward to this potentially wonderful experience.

Have you had a previous caesarean section?

All our classes can help you towards a natural and normal delivery by helping you to stay calm and confident throughout your birthing. Many of our clients have had successful VBACs using these approaches. Sophie Fletcher one of our course leaders had a fantastic VBAC experience – so if you want to know more about this email her.

Have you had a disappointing or difficult previous delivery?

This approach is your chance to do things differently this time, and maximise your body’s ability to have a gentle, natural and satisfying birth. Many second or third time mums that do our classes can’t believe what they learn and are often astounded that they are not taught routinely in antenatal classes.

Do you prefer to be in control of things?

These classes are about putting you in the driving seat. During the classes, you will be given the knowledge and skills to be calm and in control throughout the birth. That’s why we say “have it your way…” Whatever the outcome you will feel empowered and positive about your birth experience.

Does the thought of birthing scare you?

Relax. Knowledge is reassuring, and with all our classes we give you the knowledge let go of that fear with confidence. In fact you’ll look forward to this amazing opportunity of having your baby!! Many mums say afterwards that they could give birth again the next day.

What if I want an epidural?

That’s okay. Remember – you have it your way. We say that whatever turn your birthing takes, you will be prepared. However, when it comes down to it, you will probably not choose an epidural after all, because the techniques you learn and the confidence you attain is good enough.

But I’m not sure about “self-hypnosis”.

Hypnosis is not hocus pocus. Sophie and Mia are much more likely to “make yourself comfortable, sit back and relax.” than anything else you may think. You are always in control using self-hypnosis. It is a fast track method for really relaxing. If you like to relax, you’ll love self-hypnosis. You stay awake and fully in control throughout. When mums are labouring naturally, they kind of “go within” themselves, focussing on their body and shutting out the goings on around them. Self-hypnosis maximises nature’s own way.

How will deep relaxation help me during my pregnancy and birth?

Unfortunately in today’s society we are conditioned to presume that birth should be painful and many women fear labour. If you expect it to hurt, your body will tense up. If your body tenses up, you create problems for you and your baby during labour, increasing your chances of pain and intervention.

Deep relaxation during childbirth (which takes practice for your body to learn) breaks the cycle of fear-tension-pain, increasing your chances of a happy and rewarding experience.

While you are in labour your body naturally releases lots of oxytocin, the same feel good hormone that is released during sex. This helps raise the level of endorphins, which act as a natural analgesia, in your body. The more relaxed your body is the more oxytocin is released and the more endorphins there are. If you become afraid or are tense the body stops releasing oxytocin and labour slows down – your body will also stop releasing endorphins. Imagine an animal in the wild giving birth, when they are safe from predators birth progresses quickly and smoothly, if they sense a predator is nearby fear kicks in and their body intervenes with the labour and slows it down until it is safe to continue. If fear continues then labour progresses with difficulty. The mother instinct is always to protect her young.

Our classes help you relax and get in touch with your natural ability to give birth in a safe environment, making it a calm, fulfilling experience.

I’m not sure I believe it’ll work for me.

We don’t promise you a pain free birth. No-one can do that. Neither do we promise an orgasmic birth (but it would be nice, wouldn’t it?). What we do promise, is that this course will help you towards your best birth.

These courses will help you feel better about the prospect of birthing your baby. These courses will leave you more knowledgeable and aware of your needs than you were before. And they will increase your chances of feeling in control, having a drug free birth and a more satisfying birth.

What if it doesn’t work? Will I have wasted my money?

These classes are educational as well as practical. You can’t “unlearn” what you learn in class. You keep the relaxation and bonding that you create during your pregnancy. Take these classes as part of your preparation for birth, as you would any other antenatal class. If you get an ideal birth, that’s great! If you don’t then you know that you did your best to get your best birth – this is very empowering whatever the outcome. If the worst happens and you are left traumatised (this has never happened in our experience – despite the national estimate to be about 10% of womentraumatised by their births) you are guaranteed one on one care from our practitioners who are experienced in this area.