Mindful Hypnobirthing Benefits for Baby

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Hypnobirthing benefits for baby

Hypnobirthing benefits for baby are more than just after the birth but in the weeks before birth as well, as baby’s brain is developing. We have known for nearly 80 years through research that stress can affect a baby in the womb and have an impact on their long term development, more and more research in the last few years especially, shows that a baby is connected with a mother’s emotional state and that stress and anxiety experienced in the womb can have a long term impact on the baby’s emotional state and brain development.

At Mindful Mamma we think it’s important that you have access to this information and that you are given the opportunity to understand how important it is to take time out to relax and let go of the days stresses and strains.  You can learn quickly about hypnobirthing benefits for baby.  It’s not about feeling guilty that you stayed late at work and got stressed about a project you had a deadline for, but about offering you the opportunity to create spaces within your life during pregnancy to quickly de-stress and connect to your baby in a positive way. Look at it as a way of keeping things at an equilibrium.  The hypnobirthing benefit for baby is that your baby feels what you feel and can also enjoy the time out to relax and let go.

The mindful hypnobirthing techniques you learn on our class can be used in the workplace and in everyday life to relax and calm you, not just at the birth.

What baby hears and is connected to in the womb can trigger different reactions outside the womb, after they are born. Many mums who have been on our mindful hypnobirthing class comment that the CD music that they relaxed to during the pregnancy, relaxes and settles their baby after they have been born; simply because baby associates the music with being calm.

We are also told time and time again how settled and how calm their babies are.

Hypnobirthing Benefits to baby are

  • You know how to relax quickly and deeply during pregnancy
  • Mindfulness and hypnobirthing exercises that connect mum, dad and baby in a loving way
  • When mum is using hypnobirthing babies are calmer and more settled
  • Feeling calmer after birth, sleeping and feeding better too
  • A brilliant start to life

Here’s a link to a fascinating video showing how a baby hears in the womb and how they responds to those sounds and touch.