Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Birth

I have used essential oils personally for most of my life, my mother used them on me as a baby and I’ve continued to use them with my children. As a therapist I know that they can shift and change emotional states for the better, and I have my go to oils for all sorts of things, including hormone shifts. They are extremely effective used during pregnancy, birth and post-partum. We also use them for toxin free cleaning at home and have discovered the power of therapeutic grade oils on helping contribute to wellbeing in all areas of family life, from digestion through to skin irritations.

Over the years I have been asked about which oils I recommend, and I’ve found it difficult as I have never found any that were stand out. However, all that changed when I sniffed a bottle of DoTerra Frankincense. I LOVE these oils and they help my family care for ourselves emotionally and physically – I wish I’d known about some of these when my children were babies. The blends are super easy to use and smell incredible.

If you are a bit nervous about using essential oils for well-being for the first time, I know it can be a bit overwhelming – the kits are a great way to get started and you get guidance too!

Toxin Free

This is the most important aspect to me, especially today when we are bombarded by toxins in our environment. DoTerra test every single batch of oil, and all the oils are ethically and sustainably sourced. Sure they cost a bit more but they give me peace of mind. Using them for pregnancy and with very young children I needed to know that the oils were free of any nasties.

We use DoTerra and Norwex at home, so we are completely toxin free when it comes to cleaning and have seen a big change in the wellbeing of my children, particularly colds and respiratory problems. Products like OnGuard and Tea Tree oil are wonderful and a drop of lemon freshens things up.

Pregnancy and Birth

When pregnant you need to know which oils are best for you and which are safe to take. DoTerra have a midwife who is an expert and gives fantastic advice so the products here have been blended or recommended by her. You can check her out at the Essential Midwife.

To start I recommend the Aromatouch Technique Kit as a way to use these safely for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. It’s also a great gift! It even includes a bottle of Fractionated Coconut oil to mix the oils ready for massage during labour. The bottles are 5ml, perfect to fit in your labour bag. Why not drop some hints to your partner!

Lots of practice during pregnancy with the same oil will create a positive association with that oil during labour.

Birth, Baby & Postpartum Essentials

The oils in this AromaTouch Technique kit are my essential go-to’s when you are about to welcome a new baby. See how to order below

🌱Balance is a fantastic oil to apply to baby’s feet to align and ground your baby to life outside of the womb. It helps to balance baby to his or her new surroundings. It’s also fabulous to diffuse with Wild Orange in labor to help calm and keep you focused on your perfect birth. Personally I love Balance diluted and rolled on my wrists, for just that to help me balance when I feel a bit wobbly.

🌱Lavender is amazing to apply to baby’s feet with fractionated coconut oil especially in the beginning when babies sometimes have their night and days mixed up.

🌱Melaleuca, tea tree oil, is perfect for occasional dry skin sometimes referred to as cradle cap. A drop of Melaleuca with 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil gently rubbed in baby’s hair will help calm and support a healthy scalp.

🌱OnGuard is a great oil to diffuse all the time, especially for winter babies to support the whole family’s immune system as well as any visitors you may have. I also use OnGuard for synthetic free and toxin free cleaning of my babies food areas and room.

🌱Deep Blue is super supportive during labour for normal back labour and discomfort, or even the occasional postpartum headache.

🌱Wild Orange is wonderful during labour, on its own (or my favourite,mixed with a bit of Frankincense). You can use this as and ANCHOR with great results during pregnancy and labour.  It’s fabulous to diffuse especially on day 4. By day 4 your home from the hospital, your milk has come in, everyone’s life has gone back to normal except yours and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Wild Orange’s happiness comes to the rescue on day 4…trust me on this.  Secret tip, I use wool balls with a couple of drops of wild orange in my dryer to make sheets and clothes smell wonderful.

🌱A drop or two of Peppermint in the diffuser is a great pick-me-up when you feel like you’ve been up all night and you just want to go back to bed at noon. Add 2-3 drops of Wild Orange for an instant breath of fresh air. Diffusing these two together will give you the afternoon boost you sometimes need to carry you through the day. I also love peppermint for during pregnancy if you have nausea. (If you are breastfeeding avoid peppermint as it can reduce flow, however if you are trying to reduce your milk it can be very effective)

🌱With any oils and a brand new baby, you just want to be diluting, so make sure you have a great carrier oil. My favorite is fractionated coconut oil, it’s so nourishing.

🌱The AromaTouch Diffused kit is the perfect kit when you are focusing on Birth, Baby & Postpartum Essentials

This kit cost £106 +VAT

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