Elizabeth and Orla

I decided to look into hypno-birthing techniques when i got pregnant with my second child. My first labour and birth were the result of an induction which left me feeling out of control and vunerable, so i was determined to have a better experience the second time round. I went to the Mindful Mamma workshop when i was about 7 months pregnant and found it so refreshing to hear a positive attitude towards birth – and that it could be a natural, empowering process!

I used all the material Sophie gave me and did some of the recommended reading, the CD in particular helped me to relax and remain calm during the later stages of my pregnancy.

One phrase from the CD that did stick in my head was “birthing your baby on the day that you choose”, and I kept thinking about the 4th of July – but dismissed it due to it being a memorable day -independence day. However Orla decided to be born on the 4th of July which astounded me!!

When I did go into labourI was in denial that this was really it, as the sensations felt too comfortable and easy to bear unlike my other labour. I focused on my breathing and used the relaxation techniques to see me through each surge.

As my labour progressed it felt very natural and that i was in control at all times. I could hardly believ it when i got to the birth centre and realised i would be soon meeting my babay.

The atmosphere in the birth room was very calm, with flameless candles and my relaxation music playing in the background. Getting into the birth pool was pure bliss!! I just let my body take over and do what it knew how to, and after only a couple of hours Orla was born! I still couldn’t believ it was that easy and my baby was finally here. She was so calm and perfect, and I remember how alert this tiny baby was, taking in her new world. The midwives had to reassure me that she was OK as she wasn’t distressed or crying at all!

I found the whole experience amazing and felt so empowered, all thanks to the techniques I learnt from mindful mamma. So i am now a firm believer in the power of our minds and bodies, and that natural birth really is possible. Thanks to Sophie and mindful mamma for allowing me to have such a calm and positive birth experience! I have already recommended the workshop to other pregnant friends.


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