Jenny, Tom and Otis

Jenny and Otis

My due date was estimated as June the 22nd , however our baby had other plans and at 36 weeks my waters broke. I had been originally booked into the birthing centre and had my heart set on a water birth, when I got to the hospital I was told that because I was early there was no chance of going to the birthing centre. To further add to my disappointment I was told I would have to be admitted onto a ward straight away, which scuppered my plans to stay at home as long as possible.

I had to stay on the ward and 36 hours later my labour started naturally in the early hours of the morning. Even though it was not how I’d envisaged my labour to be, I used all of the techniques you taught throughout the course to keep a positive mindset and remain relaxed and focused. It was difficult as I was on a ward with three other women all in various stages of labour. However I used your advice and listened to the cd, closed my eyes and used the breathing techniques when the contractions arrived. I took my birth ball, yoga mat, pillow and green fig oil spray …these all really helped to make me feel relaxed and helped me feel in control throughout the first part of my labour. I stayed off the bed (Tom made sure of that by lying on it whilst watching tv!!!)

I listened to my body and when the contractions became very intense I asked to be checked, I was 5 cm dilated and was taken down to the delivery suite, Tom set up the room for me, to make it feel comfortable….and it really helped, I felt so relaxed and this gave me the confidence to feel that I could deliver my baby with minimal intervention. I used gas and air and my breathing techniques and 3 hours later our son was born, when he came out he was really calm, I sat with him on my chest and had a natural third stage, my placenta came out 20 minutes later. I can honestly say that I think without all the techniques we had learned from your course and from my ante natal yoga classes, my labour would have been a lot different. Tom took on board all the advice from the course and as a result was an amazing birth partner.


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