Kath Tim and Ella

“We had Ella 8 days early on the 23rd December at home. All happened very quickly – waters broke at 6.30am, mild contractions started about 10.30am then were more noticeable at 1pm. At 2pm they had got more intense so rang the midwife and she said she’d be there in an hour.

By 2.30pm I decided I wanted to go to hospital as it was hurting and I thought I had hours to go. The midwife arrived at 2.45pm examined me and I was 8/9cm dilated so there was no going anywhere. Ella was born after about 8 pushes at 4.20pm! No time to get the birthing pool set up, which Tim managed to puncture when he was trying anyway! She didn’t really cry for the first two weeks but has found her voice a bit now. That said, she’s still pretty good really. I think the course definitely helped us, so many thanks”.

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