Mindful Hypnobirthing: Benefits for Dads

 Why a Mindful Hypnobirthing Class has benefits for dads.

This mindful hypnobirthing class has been designed with the couple in mind and really benefits dads.  We strongly believe that when the birthing partner feels comfortable, knows what to expect and how they can help during the birth it makes and immense difference to the mother and baby.

Mindful Hypnobirthing and Dads
Mindful Hypnobirthing helps the birth partner be strong and present.

Time and time again we are told by dads after our mindful hypnobirthing class how valuable it has been for them and that is really  has benefits for dads. Most will admit to being skeptics about hypnobirthing before coming on board, but change their view completely after the class when they realise the benefits for dads. We consistently get feedback saying that they are using the mindful hypnobirthing techniques they have learned not just in preparation for the birth but in everyday life and that they are sleeping better, or just generally more relaxed.

Importantly it gives the birthing partner a quiet confidence that is picked up on by the mother who feels supported and is able to let go and really go within and focus on the birth.

This is what the birth partners say about our Mindful Hypnobirthing class.

 “I just wanted to say thank you, for such an interesting relaxing and empowering day. Both Martin and I really enjoyed it, and he’s got just what I hoped he would out of it – some confidence in his own abilities as a husband, supporter, advocate and future Dad!”

“I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the fantastic course on Saturday. We have talked about almost nothing else since we left your home and both feel that we have gained so much from it.”

“I came in with a very sceptical husband who was telling his mates on Saturday night how fantastic the course was and giving tips to those who are going to be Dads later in the year.
We also learned so many simple things that we wouldn’t have even thought about before like the fact that I find it so much easier to relax when Mike is touching me.”

“I would just like to commend you on designing and running such a really fantastic course! It really has empowered both of us,to the point where most of our fears about birth have disappeared already. We have always wanted to go down the natural birth route, but felt that there was not enough support & advice out there about how to do it drug and pain free. Your course, although short, covered pretty much all aspects that I felt were missing from our antenatal classes & many more. Vic now feels a lot more confidant, and I actually feel like I have a proper role in the whole event, other that driving her to the hospital & sitting on the rocking chair! “

“I did really enjoy the course yesterday and I am definitely feeling much more positive, I was surprised actually by how much Luke and I talked about the course immediately after and the impact it has had on Luke, We both feel like he is more involved now and that he has got an invaluable role to play!”

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