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Our best selling book is written by one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists for pregnancy and birth, Sophie Fletcher.

Published to great reviews in 2014, the book will help you to understand how your thinking plays a role in how your baby’s birth will unfold. It shows you mindfulness and hypnobirthing techniques that will work throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond and which keep you and your partner in control.  The book is based on current evidence based practise, and is referenced in the medical textbook, Labour and Delivery as a resource on complementary approaches to managing pain in labour.

“I recommend preparing for childbirth using techniques such as mindfulness to women in my care. The sensible practical techniques described in this book help reduce the fear and anxiety that often make childbirth more difficult and more likely to involve medical intervention.”  Dr Mark Porter, Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist

If you want to learn the secrets of a powerful and positive experience of birth, this book will answer your questions and give you a wealth of information that Sophie’s years of experience of working with women as a hypnotherapist and doula have taught her.

This book is practical, informative and comes complete with three mp3s which you can download for free from either the publishers website or by contacting us directly. You can purchase the background music from the mp3s on this site. The additional MP3s on this site are designed to perfectly accompany those mp3s and will carry you from pregnancy and beyond.

The wide range of pregnancy, birth and beyond, mp3 downloads are designed to make it simple but effective for you. There are several tracks on each album designed to help you approach your baby’s birth with calm expectation. There is even one for your birth partner.

Reviews of Mindful Hypnobirthing

“Buying this book was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

“My labour was 1.5h only, pain free without any pain relief…Midwife asked me how did I do it, I told her ‘ I read the book’… They laughed as they thought I was joking, but I do put it down to this book. It was my first child, and I had major fear about giving birth, but techniques from this book really made a difference and my labour experience was enjoyable and great memory!”

“I couldn’t have got through my daughter’s birth with anything like the calmness, sense of control and awareness that Sophie Fletcher’s hypno techniques provided. I would absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend her book to any expectant mums out there looking to find practical, memorable and, most importantly, effective techniques to help you through the birth.

“This is a fantastic, practical and enlightening book. Every expectant (Mum and Dad!) should take the time to read it.
I’ve found some other Hypnobirthing books a little over whelming with so many scripts to practice, I think they rely on your partner being a hypnotherapist! This gave me real confidence and the Mindfulness aspect made perfect sense. Everything you need to know about having a positive birth :)”

” I Read this book in one sitting, I am a midwife and love the practical tips in it. Much less airy-fairy than most pregnancy guides and full of actually useful information. Also one of the best explanations for how the mind and body work I have ever read. I also particularly like they way it tells you why doing certain things matter, rather than being dogmatic in a patronising way, I know a lot of people who have been put off hypnobirthing because some teachers have this arrogance that you have to do it their way ‘or else’. This book makes it common sense, not a cult.”

“I have read a number of books on pregnancy and birth over my two pregnancies. This is one of the better ones. Easy to read without dumbing down or being patronising and full of practical and positive tips. I did a mindful mamma course with my first baby and wish i’d had this book then too. Will be recommending to all my pregnant friends!”

“The 3 x mp3 tracks that accompany the book are the best hypnosis tracks I’ve ever heard. Sophie’s voice is so easy to listen to, the background music is calming and does not distract from her voice, and the quality of sound (I use stereo headphones) is perfect. The book tells you how important it is to use these tracks at least 3 times a week to start with, then everyday as your pregnancy progresses, so it’s vital that the tracks are enjoyable/easy to listen to often. I find myself looking forward to 40 minutes of me time each evening knowing that I’m taking positive steps towards a relaxing homebirth (if all goes to plan). Plus I also pop it on if I wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to switch my mind off…it’s so relaxing and allows me to switch off my thoughts and go back to sleep.”