Colchester, Essex Workshop

This one day workshop is running on Saturday 24th February 2018 in Colchester, Essex from 10am to 4pm. Workshop sizes are small to ensure time for open discussion.  Our workshop will help you and your partner to feel confident, excited and relaxed about your baby’s birth.  This workshop brings to life the bestselling Mindful Hypnobirthing […]

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End of plan- Not the End of the World

Today I’ve got a story to share with you, with the kind permission of Rebecca, whose son Otis was born on the 25th of November this year.  18 months ago Rebecca was terrified of giving birth and so when she became pregnant she knew she needed help. The hypnobirthing class Rebecca did changed that, and although […]

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I’m going to be have a labour induction can I use hypnobirthing? Yes!

A Labour Induction and hypnobirthing. I  know mums who have had a labour induction because of medical reasons, but I also know mums who have been induced because they’ve gone over their dates and have chosen to have a labour induction rather than be monitored.  In another blog I talked about the different options around […]