Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing in Barcelona

Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing at Life in 360, Barcelona, Spain.

A one day Mindful Mamma hypnobirthing class run by Liana van Zyl – a doula, mum of one amazing daughter and lover of all things pregnancy, birth and beyond!

Places are limited to four couples to keep the classes relaxed and informal- there will be yoga mats, chairs and cushions to sit on but please feel free to bring your birth ball, pregnancy pillow or anything else to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

The class costs €150 per couple (mum and birth partner). A non-refundable deposit on booking of €35. This includes MP3s to get you started on your hypnobirthing journey, all course materials and a goody bag of some lovely treats for mum.

This relaxed Mindful Hypnobirthing workshop is packed with advice and guidance. Couples will learn a variety of hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques, the aim of which are to empower, inspire and assist parents in becoming calm, focused and confident. Once techniques taught, are practiced regularly they will be prepared and excited for that very special day, the birth of their baby.

I feel passionately that childbirth should be a beautiful event and even when things don’t go exactly as expected, the experience should leave parents with happy memories, and a birthing experience on which to build strong family bonds.

Classes are held at Life in 360, Passeig Taulat 212, Barcelona, Spain.

Parking spaces are limited but the place is really close to the highway La Ronda Litoral if you wanted to come by car. As for public transport: Coming from Barcelona city centre by bus H16 takes you directly to the venue. Bus D20 and D25 are quite close as well. Also metro 4 and the Tramvia are about 10 minutes walk. Shops and Cafes are within a few minutes’ walk. I will provide refreshments but bring lunch if you’re not planning on going out for lunch.

Any questions Email me at liana@lianadoula.com


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Hypnobirthing may be calm, but it is not quiet.

Hypnobirthing is calm but not as you know it.

How calm can give you your voice.

You’re about to give birth.  How do you think you are going to be?  Quiet, noisy? What would you prefer?  To be calm on the inside but noisy on the outside, or calm on the outside but noisy on the inside?  Or perhaps you want to be both.

Birth is a primal event, it’s instinctive and powerful and sometimes unpredictable. And each one is totally unique. You may find you are quiet, but on the day you may feel you need to make noise and that is ok. In fact, both are completely normal when they are instinctive.

As a hypnobirthing teacher and doula with over 10 years experience I have seen a lot of hypnobirthers. I have seen quiet hypnobirthers, so quiet, that midwives didn’t know they were in labour, and I have seen noisy hypnobirthers, so noisy that I could hear the midwives whispering “she’s not really hypnobirthing is she?”.

Well, breaking news she is hypnobirthing.  She is vocal and active because that’s a normal instinctive birth behaviour. What she isn’t is frightened, anxious or afraid of what people might think when she roars. She may not look calm on the outside but she is in a great space internally.

True, calm may look quiet, but sometimes it looks strong and primal and noisy. Internal calm is the very antithesis of quiet – it is a woman who knows she has a voice. She is prepared, a woman who knows deep down that she can do this, whatever happens.

Calmness it’s an inner state of mind.  It’s a place where you are present, aware, connected.  A state of mind in which you can make decisions from a place of strength rather than fear. It enables women to slow down, consider and reflect, to step away from kneejerk decision making that can so often lead to regret or loss of power.

Research is beginning show how anxiety can interfere with choice-making cells in the pre-frontal cortex, the part of our brain associated with high order thinking. When anxious or desperate, we eagerly accept and apply advice, good or bad, we are less discriminating.  When you are calm internally you can make informed choices because you understand consent and can find the time and space to make the right choices for you.

Calmness is also about the external environment you choose to birth in, reducing interruptions, thinking about the things you can see, feel or hear. Hypnobirthing helps you understand the unconscious processes that go on every moment of our loves, the constant interaction between the unconscious and environment. They give you the ability to learn how to manage your own space, and to organise it in your own unique way of ‘calm’.  It encourages you to explore that aspect of yourself, and to take make the birth space your own. To be comfortable with moving things around, rather than thinking “am I allowed to move the bed”.

If you are birth partner, you may “trying to be calm” on the outside for your partner but internally be in turmoil.  You may also project your own anxieties and fears onto your partner. Your assumptions about the noises she makes, may be based on your own learned expectations of birth, and tap into your need to ‘rescue her’. Instead, mindfulness based approaches can teach you to be observant of your own feelings, to be comfortable with your own discomfort.  As a partner you will learn techniques to keep the birth space free of your own anxieties and to be a responsive but not reactive birth partner.

By learning certain aspects of your own behaviour and by understanding birth your external calmness can be a genuine reflection of your internal state. And your partner will know this deeply.

For all those of you about to birth, know this – calm can be internal, it can be external. Calm can be quiet, it can be noisy but most of all it is powerful and it is strong. Calm creates the space for the energy of birth to roll through, and for you to feel in control of letting go free of inhibition, free of fear and connected with the deepest part of yourself.