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Birth Story: Katie shares the story of her Neo’s birth

Katie attended a class in Loughborough with Fernanda Salfity, here she share’s the story of her son’s birth.

“I would really like to share my birth story with other expectant mothers please as I feel that hypnobirthing allowed me to have the birth I never thought would be possible.”

“This time 3 weeks ago I was  searching for positive hypnobirthing induction birth stories trying to keep a positive frame of mind about my upcoming labour. I had agreed to be induced at 41+5. I am so pleased to now be able to share my own positive birth story!

In the build up to my induction date I tried to kick start my labour as naturally as possible with the usual attempts of eating spicy food, pineapple, clary Sage oil baths and massage, bouncing on my birthing ball, long walks, hypnotherapy, acupressure points- the list goes on. With no success I tried 2 sweeps over week 41 but again, no success.

I had initially started learning hypnobirthing techniques to reduce my fear and anxiety around birth, due to a spinal condition I had been told I was unable to have an epidural and that c-section may be the best method of delivery for me. My partner and I attended Fernanda’s mindful mama course in Loughborough and immediately felt the benefits of viewing pregnancy and birth in a more positive way. My partner and I both felt that Fernanda had a very calming influence on us and so, following the course I asked Fernanda to be my Doula during labour.

I went into hospital on Saturday night and had the first hormone pessary, I ended up having 2 of these over the next 24 hours because they kept on falling out. My body did respond to the hormones and surges built up and slowed back down repeatedly over 2-3 days. This was not the labour I had envisioned or planned. At one stage while being monitored my baby’s heart rate had increased and the midwives needed to find a clear baseline to establish whether or not he was distressed. Using the Mindful hypnobirthing MP3 I managed to calm the baby’s heart rate back to normal. This for me was clear evidence of how a calm mother can help to create a calm baby.

The hypnobirthing techniques I had learned helped me to stay relaxed and maintain an open mind throughout my birthing journey. Fernanda’s knowledge and experience helped us feel in control; she empowered us to make informed decisions during my time in hospital.

At 4pm on the Monday I was taken to the delivery suite and started on the hormone drip, things got intense pretty quickly. I used pregnancy and birth affirmations through headphones, a cooling eye mask to help block out my surroundings and any distractions. I also used a tens machine and gas and air to help manage the discomfort of surges. I listened to the Contraction Wave MP3 when surges became more intense. At 5.17am baby Neo made his arrival weighing 9lb 12oz, I had a natural delivery and extended skin-to-skin contact before my partner cut the cord and Neo was checked over and weighed. He is now 3 weeks old and people regularly comment on what an alert and chilled out baby he is.

As a family we cannot thank Fernanda enough for all her help and support, we now highly recommend hypnobirthing and having a Doula to anyone we know expecting a baby!”

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Belief in yourself, belief in birth.

Believe in yourself, believe in birth.

I read a message by someone else this morning on believing in yourself. She wrote that as children we believe with absolute ease and certainty, but then over time our belief is drowned out by voices of fear.These voices of fear then replace loving belief with the louder voice of doubt.

So over breakfast I spoke to my 5 year old about it, I wanted to hear his response, which was more profound than I had expected.He finds is difficult to communicate sometimes but clear as a bell he said “ I believe in myself, and I believe in you”.That small affirmation sent a warm glow through my body, a little burst of endorphins. Does he really know what he believes in?Does it matter? He takes each moment as it comes and lives, mostly happily, to the next without fear, or doubt of something which may never happen, clouding his happiness and self-belief.

As women birthing we lose our belief in what we are capable of, often doubting the birth, and doubting in the amazing ability of our body to deliver our babies to us.We often teach trust in nature’s way, but what about trusting in our way? Your body knows how to birth your baby better than anyone else. Yes nature is amazing, yes we should trust nature and believe in its power to shape and create life, but we should also believe in ourselves. We should recognize and trust our own role in nature and our contribution to life in this beautiful world that we share with other animals and plants, all recreating as we do.

The television documentaries we watch, the books we read, the stories we are told, those voices of doubt, all take us one step further away from that belief and understanding, they are the dissenting voices in nature and in our belief about birth.

Once we lose our self-belief, our focus shifts from what we are capable of, to what we are not capable of.Couples very often focus on what may go wrong, instead of what will go right. When this happens, we begin to live in fear and our actions become fear based.

For just one day turn off those dissenting voices.How would it feel for a day if you just focused on what can go right, let thoughts come into your mind about how amazing your body is in creating new life, how each kick is a part of a playful game between you and your baby, how each time you listen to your baby’s heartbeat it’s an affirmation of your amazing ability to grow life within you.

Focus on how capable you are, how strong you are, how you are designed to give birth.Read some positive stories and articles about birth (have a look at our Facebook page) there are lots of them out there.

Then over the next few weeks see how sowing a seed of self-belief may start you off on a different path and create a more gentle, kind, loving and compassionate journey towards birth for you and your baby


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Nature Nurtures Birth


How excited can I get about ducklings? Two have hatched today in my garden. I saw their dark brown fluffy bodies and beautiful shiny eyes, and heard their cute cheep cheep. Seeing them peer out from their nest was almost as lovely as seeing a new baby born, looking up from her mother’s breast. (Actually, newly hatched ducklings are fluffier and less gooey – but not nearly so emotionally heartwarming).

We’ve had ducks for a while. I wanted to hatch some, and I wanted it to be as natural as possible. I knew that newly hatched ducklings imprint onto that which they see move, so they need their mummy around when they hatch, in order to follow mummy duck around the garden. I didn’t want ducklings in a box. I wanted them stumbling over stones and rocks, following mummy frantically and freely.

So we waited. And waited. No signs. These ducks have been bred for eggs, not breeding, so I guessed that their natural instincts had been bred out. And I wondered, while putting the washing out, how quickly instinctive birth can be lost after generations of caesarean sections?

Anyhow, we tried all sorts of other things. Getting chicken hens to sit on the eggs, using a home made incubator, using a posh incubator. To no avail.

Then, suddenly, mummy had made her very own nest, and was sitting on nine eggs! It wasn’t where we wanted her to be – but she was so well hidden that we realised she wasn’t in danger from foxes. We were delighted. But not as delighted as we are now that they have also hatched!

Clever mummy. And to think that we lost faith in mother nature and her ability to create fabulous new life just like that! Our classes help us to put that faith back, and as a doula, I have to work at keeping the faith. I can’t believe I let it waiver with my mummy duck. She has taught me to keep the trust no matter what the situation!