London Hypnobirthing Class (Shepherds Bush)

Saturday 24th March 2018, 10am-4pm (one day workshop)
The Happiness Centre, Shepherds Bush, London W12

Are you wanting to take relaxed, mindful control of your own birthing process?

During this one-day intensive, you will learn specific mindfulness and hypnotherapy techniques to help you navigate the birthing process. You’ll better understand the birthing roadmap and how to overcome apprehensions along the way. These practical techniques are demonstrated then practised during the workshop.

This hands-on approach encourages both you and your partner to feel more calm, deeply relaxed and confident. You will be more fully-prepared to ride the waves of your birthing journey on the actual day your miracle occurs. Over my years as a Hypnotherapist and Meditation Teacher at The Happiness Centre I have seen many positive, heart-warming birthing stories following these workshops and look forward to hopefully supporting yours too.

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St Albans and Hertfordshire Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing – Small Group Class

The Mindful Mamma one day hypnobirthing course is run by accredited practitioner Julia Flynn.  Julia is a birth and post natal Doula in the St Albans area.

The workshop provides practical hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques as well as enhanced understanding of the psychology of birth.  Julia will teach you what you need to know if you want to feel really prepared for your baby’s birth.

You will learn

  • hypnosis and mindfulness techniques that accompany the best selling book Mindful Hypnobirthing
  • how your partner can support you using hypnosis and mindfulness
  • to feel confident and look forward to your baby’s birth
  • how to ask the right questions and be in control of your choices and why that’s important
  • accelerated conditioning techniques so your body reacts and relaxes quickly to labour (accompanied by 9 mp3 tracks of  unique rapid conditioning)
  • which techniques work best and why during each contraction
  • why transition throws so many women off track and how you and your partner can handle it
  • the opportunity to reflect, discuss, share questions with a practitioner
  • ongoing support from myself leading up to your birth and beyond

The Workshop will have only 2 couples in order to give a personalised experience and for individuals to be able to ask questions and the workshop will be adapted accordingly.

Workshop Cost:  £230 per couple.

Non Refundable Deposit: £30

Please book 1 ticket per couple.


When you book a class you will receive:

  • The Mindful Hypnobirthing MP3s so you can start practising before the class
  • An exclusive class only online resource area, with unconscious conditioning mp3 tracks to reinforce the techniques

10th December 2017 – Brighton

Really useful 1-day workshop that will prepare you on many levels and in many ways for the birth of your baby.

Discover how amazing you body is, how it works in labour, and how you and your partner can help to support you mentally, physically, and practically through birth, in whichever birth setting you are in.

Arrive feeling nervous and anxious. Leave feeling confident and calmer.

And continue to build on that in the next few weeks, practising techniques, fine-tuning your birth wishes, and listening to audio tracks.

Pay deposit £30 online to reserve your space. 💝 Festive balance of £69 (normally £100) to be paid directly to Liz at least 7 days before the event.

Brighton 1-day Workshop

This really useful birth preparation workshop is suitable for ALL parents, whether this is your first baby or not, VBAC, IVF, hospital, or homebirth.

Come and overcome your fears and anxiety about birth. Discover how to feel more confident and leave feeling empowered as you get ready to meet your baby.

Dads and birth partners – find out how important your role is, and what you’re meant to do!!

Mums – learn how to work with your body and your baby, and how amazing you both are.

Learn Hypnobirthing and Mindful techniques. Practise them. And use them. To experience a better birth.

The workshop is delivered by a local doula with home, hospital and birthing centre experience, and knowledge of local services and protocols, and how to navigate your way through them.

For more information about our other services, go to

We look forward to meeting you and changing the way you see birth – for the better. For you, and your baby.

To reserve your space, please pay the £30 deposit here. You will then receive confirmation of your booking. The balance of £100 will be payable  within 7 days of the event. 

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Birth Story: Katie shares the story of her Neo’s birth

Katie attended a class in Loughborough with Fernanda Salfity, here she share’s the story of her son’s birth.

“I would really like to share my birth story with other expectant mothers please as I feel that hypnobirthing allowed me to have the birth I never thought would be possible.”

“This time 3 weeks ago I was  searching for positive hypnobirthing induction birth stories trying to keep a positive frame of mind about my upcoming labour. I had agreed to be induced at 41+5. I am so pleased to now be able to share my own positive birth story!

In the build up to my induction date I tried to kick start my labour as naturally as possible with the usual attempts of eating spicy food, pineapple, clary Sage oil baths and massage, bouncing on my birthing ball, long walks, hypnotherapy, acupressure points- the list goes on. With no success I tried 2 sweeps over week 41 but again, no success.

I had initially started learning hypnobirthing techniques to reduce my fear and anxiety around birth, due to a spinal condition I had been told I was unable to have an epidural and that c-section may be the best method of delivery for me. My partner and I attended Fernanda’s mindful mama course in Loughborough and immediately felt the benefits of viewing pregnancy and birth in a more positive way. My partner and I both felt that Fernanda had a very calming influence on us and so, following the course I asked Fernanda to be my Doula during labour.

I went into hospital on Saturday night and had the first hormone pessary, I ended up having 2 of these over the next 24 hours because they kept on falling out. My body did respond to the hormones and surges built up and slowed back down repeatedly over 2-3 days. This was not the labour I had envisioned or planned. At one stage while being monitored my baby’s heart rate had increased and the midwives needed to find a clear baseline to establish whether or not he was distressed. Using the Mindful hypnobirthing MP3 I managed to calm the baby’s heart rate back to normal. This for me was clear evidence of how a calm mother can help to create a calm baby.

The hypnobirthing techniques I had learned helped me to stay relaxed and maintain an open mind throughout my birthing journey. Fernanda’s knowledge and experience helped us feel in control; she empowered us to make informed decisions during my time in hospital.

At 4pm on the Monday I was taken to the delivery suite and started on the hormone drip, things got intense pretty quickly. I used pregnancy and birth affirmations through headphones, a cooling eye mask to help block out my surroundings and any distractions. I also used a tens machine and gas and air to help manage the discomfort of surges. I listened to the Contraction Wave MP3 when surges became more intense. At 5.17am baby Neo made his arrival weighing 9lb 12oz, I had a natural delivery and extended skin-to-skin contact before my partner cut the cord and Neo was checked over and weighed. He is now 3 weeks old and people regularly comment on what an alert and chilled out baby he is.

As a family we cannot thank Fernanda enough for all her help and support, we now highly recommend hypnobirthing and having a Doula to anyone we know expecting a baby!”

Brighton Hypnobirthing

A fantastic one-day birth prep workshop.

Encompassing eye-opening, penny-dropping birth education, simple and effective hypnobirthing techniques, local birth-setting and hospital protocol knowledge, and a “how to” navigate your way through it confidently section!

Whether you are first-time parents or not; whether you want a VBAC; whether you are a single-mum, an “old” mum, an IVF mum; whether you want your birth at home or hospital – whatever your circumstances or preferences, you will be pleased you did this workshop.

What better way to start heading towards your empowered birth, and to start growing your “village” with other like-minded people? As the old African proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child.”

The full price of the workshop is £130. The deposit of £30 payable online when you book your space. The balance to be paid at least 7 days before the event.

Godalming, Surrey

The class costs £170 per couple (so just book one space, to cover you both). This includes practical experience of the Mindfulness and Hypnosis techniques found in the best selling book Mindful Hypnobirthing, the class handouts and 9 MP3 tracks to practice after the class, and access to class infographics and other resources.

Class sizes are limited, to ensure they are relaxed, informal and encourage open discussion.

You also receive emailed resources and inspirations as you progress towards your birth. Along with support from the Mindful Mamma community of practitioners and class participants on Facebook.

The book Mindful Hypnobirthing, by Sophie Fletcher, accompanies the class content, and is highly recommended to read before coming to the class. It is available in book, e-book, and audio-book format for purchase.

To secure your place, please complete the booking form below and pay your non-refundable £40 deposit. The balance of £130 needs to be paid shortly after booking the class to confirm your enrollment.

Full details will be emailed to you prior to the class, but please don’t hesitate to contact Angie Bryan ( should you wish for any further information in the meantime.

If you need to cancel a week or more before the class you will be refunded your balance payment (£130) in full, or you can transfer to another class if suitable and places are available. If you need to cancel less than a week before the class you will be refunded 50% of the balance payment. If cancellation is less than 24 hours unfortunately no refund is available.

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Siblings attending birth

Having my child at the birth.

Is it for us? And if so how can I prepare?

by Sophie Fletcher

I get asked this question a lot, “what are my views on having siblings at a birth”.  An answer to that question is almost impossible for anyone apart from a mother to answer, as only a mother knows her own child and how they may respond to the experience.  Equally important, how she will feel about having her son or daughter there? Will it relax her or will she be anxious about how they are processing the experience?


Siblings at birth
Credit: Dancia Donnelly. Birth Photographer, Minneapolis

There is little research, but of the research that exists the majority show that children respond positively to birth and even that there is a sensitive bonding period for sibling and newborn at this stage. This bonding period may be very important for longer term relationships as there is some indication that the initial reaction of older siblings to their baby sibling is a good indicator of what will transpire a year on or may even set the course of a life-long relationship.

I know many women who have had siblings at a birth and the reports are largely positive. Women say that the contractions eased and some of the most intense emotional experiences where when they were holding hands and smiling at their child.

Having your child at the birth can really help releases oxytocin. I love this quote from Danica Donnelly.

I didn’t know you could have a “favorite” contraction but my favorite one was when my 3 year old son climbed up on the bed and held my hand during the contraction and looked into my eyes and smiled at me. I can’t remember if he said anything to me but just looking at his sweet face and knowing that he was loving and supporting me and that he wasn’t scared, but rather excited for baby brother, it made that contraction so easy to get through it almost dissapeared when I looked upon that sweet face.” Danica Donnelly

You can read more about her experience here, but I love the photo above!

I also hear women say that they had planned for their child to be involved but in fact their child slept through and woke up in the morning to climb into bed with them and the new baby, or were woken up just after, or before, baby was born.   What seems to be very consistent is that the child is in the house, with a dedicated carer, grandmother/friend, and carries on with their day in a very normal way, perhaps wandering in for short periods of time, but nearly always being there at the last moments or just after baby is born.

This makes a lot of sense to me.  From a psychological perspective having a sole carer for a sibling takes any what if anxiety away from the mother, but it also maintains a consistent routine for a child during a very transitional moment for them, a time of great upheaval and change.  It also ensures that the child is still close to their mother and conveys the message “there is space for all of us”.   Imagine as a young child being an integral part of the preparation and day that your brother and sister is born, rather than your mother being taken away and then suddenly she’s in hospital with a tiny baby which everybody is cooing over.

If you are having a homebirth you can of course have as many partners as you wish, however children attending in a hospital or birth centre setting is much less common and varies significantly from country to country, hospital to hospital.

Presence at a siblings birth can normalise birth for children, something that lasts a lifetime. I hear lots of women say that being present at their sister or brothers birth created a powerful bond with their sibling, but also helped them see birth as something very normal; a powerful gift for any woman.

Here are some suggestions for preparing, but if you have any suggestions or something that you want to share please do, I’d love to hear your stories! 

Your preparations

Talk to your child and other women who have had a child at the birth

Do your research and make sure you are making the right decision for you and your child

Find a trusted friend or relative who is a dedicated carer for your child during the birth

There are several things that you can do to prepare a sibling for birth

  • Read books about the arrival of a baby brother or sister
  • Talk about birth being hard work and effort
  • Find some videos you can watch together
  • Prepare them for sounds etc

Things that they can do before the birth

  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat during midwife visits
  • Help blow the pool up and fill it up on trial run
  • Help get snacks together for the mum, maybe baking granola bars
  • Design an affirmation board (hypnobirthing mums)
  • Do yoga positions with mum (if they are doing yoga)
  • Spend time shortly before the birth making a birthday card for the baby
  • Involve them in a blessingway (dependent on age)
  • Help decorate the baby’s room

On the day (these are dependent on age)

  • Go for a walk in early labour
  • In early labour make a birthday cake with them
  • They can help fill your drink bottle
  • Perhaps be a photographer
  • Help get cold cloths
  • Hold your hand
  • Cut the cord
  • Help weigh baby
  • Snuggle up with parents and baby afterwards



Hello Baby

What Baby Needs








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Birth Truly is Beautiful

This is the story of the birth of Huxley who was born in June to Mum Sophie who took our class earlier this year. The title of this post is from Sophie’s own words and something that we strongly believe at Mindful Mamma.

sophie-and-huxleyHuxley’s Birth Story by Sophie Addison


On Wednesday I spent the day feeling more and more uncomfortable and went to bed feeling increasingly so.
At 12.30 ish I dreamt that my waters had gone (this was not a dream) when I woke I jumped out of bed and my waters went in a very movie style way!!

My hypnobirthing played a very important role here as adrenaline could of taken over.
I decided to take a shower and listen to some hypnobirthing tracks with the plan of going back to bed however by the time I was out my contractions were 5mins apart and the white horse birthing centre recommend I went in to be checked.
The hypnobirthing music had me in a very calm and centred place before leaving home I felt totally relaxed and serene.

On route to hospital we played the affirmations and by the time we arrived I was in a very calm mindful place.

Sophie in the second stage of labour
Sophie in the second stage of labour

We arrived and were shown to the most amazing birthing room complete with pool, swing ,birthing balls and lots of space.
I was now contracting every 3 mins with increasing intensity however I remained at this stage for the next 16hours !! (My baby was back to back, which I did not know until he was delivered as I had made it very clear if anything like this was to happen do not tell me.)
I used my hypnobirthing music & affirmations to stay focused through out.
In fact when the track ended I would only speak to say to my husband to say “play the lady.” Now a joke between us.
The hypnobirthing tracks played for the full 20hrs and I am totally convinced I would of ended up with intervention if it wasn’t for my calm hypnotic state all thanks to the techniques we learnt on the course.

Eventually (16hrs) in I felt I was nearing the pushing phase and got into the pool where I delivered my healthy baby boy at 19.36 on the 23rd June.

Although it was a long labour I wouldn’t change it for anything. For me birthing my baby albeit intense at times was the most incredible experience of my life.

The skills learnt on the course and listening to the tracks throughout my pregnancy certainly got me through some tough moments. For this I can’t thank you enough.

And I never thought I would say this I can’t wait to do it again!

Birth truly is beautiful. If only all women could believe it. Sophie Addison