Brighton – one day workshop

A one day, workshop. To book your space, pay your deposit £30 now. And the balance is to be paid any time up until 7 days prior to the event. Confirmation will be sent once you have booked your space.  

Brighton 1-day Workshop

This really useful birth preparation workshop is suitable for ALL parents, whether this is your first baby or not, VBAC, IVF, hospital, or homebirth. Come and overcome your fears and anxiety about birth. Discover how to feel more confident and leave feeling empowered as you get ready to meet your baby. Dads and birth partners…

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You pass your due date and it’s “have you had the baby yet?”.

The due date countdown and friends who can’t help asking is the baby is here yet. by Sophie Fletcher “Have you had the baby yet?” is a question that you may here more and more as you approach your due date. As much as they love their friends and family this text or call can…

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Katie’s cat. Birth like a mammal.

By Sophie Fletcher Yesterday my friend Katie rang to say her cat, Sox, had finally given birth to the kittens we knew she was expecting. Last week we were watching her intently over coffee, her belly swaying in time with her step, noticing that as she lay down in various places in the sun trying…