Brighton 1-day Workshop

This really useful birth preparation workshop is suitable for ALL parents, whether this is your first baby or not, VBAC, IVF, hospital, or homebirth. Come and overcome your fears and anxiety about birth. Discover how to feel more confident and leave feeling empowered as you get ready to meet your baby. Dads and birth partners […]

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Birth Story: Katie shares the story of her Neo’s birth

Katie attended a class in Loughborough with Fernanda Salfity, here she share’s the story of her son’s birth. “I would really like to share my birth story with other expectant mothers please as I feel that hypnobirthing allowed me to have the birth I never thought would be possible.” “This time 3 weeks ago I […]

Brighton Hypnobirthing

A fantastic one-day birth prep workshop. Encompassing eye-opening, penny-dropping birth education, simple and effective hypnobirthing techniques, local birth-setting and hospital protocol knowledge, and a “how to” navigate your way through it confidently section! Whether you are first-time parents or not; whether you want a VBAC; whether you are a single-mum, an “old” mum, an IVF […]

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I’m going to be have a labour induction can I use hypnobirthing? Yes!

A Labour Induction and hypnobirthing. I  know mums who have had a labour induction because of medical reasons, but I also know mums who have been induced because they’ve gone over their dates and have chosen to have a labour induction rather than be monitored.  In another blog I talked about the different options around […]

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Shall I Have a Membrane Sweep?

Shall I have a Membrane Sweep? A membrane sweep is a common form of intervention that is routinely offered in the UK. The NICE  (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) guidelines state that every woman should be offered a membrane sweep at 41 weeks. So it is likely that this will be offered to you around […]

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You pass your due date and it’s “have you had the baby yet?”.

The due date countdown and friends who can’t help asking is the baby is here yet. by Sophie Fletcher “Have you had the baby yet?” is a question that you may here more and more as you approach your due date. As much as they love their friends and family this text or call can […]

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Induction of labour and a hypnobirth.

My husband came home last night saying his work colleague, who had been on hypnobirthing classes, in central London, said that “hypnobirthing was shit” after having an epidural. Instinctively my first questions was “was she induced?” and you know what, it turns out she was. I don’t know the reasons for induction, but I do […]