Mindful Hypnobirthing, Ramsgate, Kent – August 2018

Learn mindfulness and self-hypnosis techniques to relax and enjoy your pregnancy and labour. Feel confident about giving birth to your baby and equipped with tools to ensure you have a better experience, no matter what, or where. Your choice. You choose. This day is led by Sophie Burch in her lovely home near the sea […]

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Help I’m falling asleep to my hypnobirthing mp3s? Is it still working?

Help I’m falling asleep to my hypnobirthing mp3s! Is it still working? Of course it is! by Sophie Fletcher, author of Mindful Hypnobirthing @mindfulmamma   facebook.com/mindfulmamma I hear the words “I’m falling asleep to the hypnobirthing mp3s”  all the time, and when I do a part of me inside is jumping up and down shouting “yes, it’s […]

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How long should a hypnobirthing course be?

How long should a hypnobirthing course be? By Sophie Fletcher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Doula  There has long been a debate on the web about hypnobirthing and how long a hypnobirthing course should be – how many classes and over what period of time you should attend. I’ve taught several different methods, including Mongan and Leclaire […]

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Beginner’s Guide to a Confident Birth

By Sophie Fletcher, Mindful Mamma Sophie Fletcher is a founding member of Mindful Mamma, Doula, Clinical Hypnotherapist and specialist advisor for the National Council for Hypnotherapy on Pregnancy and birth.  Her book “Mindful  Hypnobirthing” will be published by Vermillion in 2014. Classes are run across the UK, it’s a one day class to hypnosis and […]

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Birth Time, Magical Time. Finding depth and space to birth in timelessness.

Birth Time, Magical Time By Sophie Fletcher There is a reason why I say no clocks or watches in the birth room, it’s birth time not day time. Focussing on the passing of time can actually slow it down, doesn’t time go faster when you are not fixated on a clock or watch? I recently […]

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Seven months pregnant and counting.

Seven months pregnant and counting  By Sophie Fletcher Seven. This seems to be a significant number when it comes to birth and the feelings that arise at seven months pregnant. Phone calls from mums enquiring about our Mindful Mamma antenatal classes often come when they are seven months pregnant, a frantic “I’ve only got 12 […]

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The truth about hypnosis…

I was watching my two boys playing this morning, when I heard one of them shout to the other, I’m hypnotizing you” and the other cry out “aggghhhh you villain” while strutting around like a robot under Machiavellian control. My children are 4 and 5 with little or no understanding of what I do for […]