Mindfulmamma Woodhall Spa Horncastle Lincoln

he total price for the day is £130 per couple. 1 Space per couple. This relaxed Mindful Hypnobirthing workshop is packed with advice and guidance. Couples will learn a variety of hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques, the aim of which are to empower, inspire and assist parents in becoming calm, focused and confident. We also work […]

London Hypnobirthing Class (Shepherds Bush)

Saturday 24th March 2018, 10am-4pm (one day workshop) The Happiness Centre, Shepherds Bush, London W12 Are you wanting to take relaxed, mindful control of your own birthing process? During this one-day intensive, you will learn specific mindfulness and hypnotherapy techniques to help you navigate the birthing process. You’ll better understand the birthing roadmap and how to […]

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Dispelling Myths about Hypnosis Birth Preparation

Myths about hypnosis birth preparation by Sophie Fletcher  @mindfulmamma I’m writing this article on hypnosis birth preparation when I should be doing the final edits on my book .  But I’ve been reading a thread on hypnosis birth preparation on Facebook that has pressed a few buttons. It’s 7am and the children are STILL asleep, […]

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Men around birth, is it ok? Do they help or hinder?

Men around birth, is this ok, and does it help or hinder? This is a thinking out loud blog about something that has been bothering me since I attended the Paramana Doula training with Michel Odent about men around birth . The information from the day has settled and has started to trickle down into […]

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Beginner’s Guide to a Confident Birth

By Sophie Fletcher, Mindful Mamma Sophie Fletcher is a founding member of Mindful Mamma, Doula, Clinical Hypnotherapist and specialist advisor for the National Council for Hypnotherapy on Pregnancy and birth.  Her book “Mindful  Hypnobirthing” will be published by Vermillion in 2014. Classes are run across the UK, it’s a one day class to hypnosis and […]

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Help I’m a terrible mother!

“You’re going to think I’m a terrible mother….” is one of the most frequently heard phrases in my consulting room. I always think “yup you are a terrible mother, a terribly wonderful mother that the thought and instinct to do the best you can for your child is always there and that you are looking for […]

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So Who’s the Professional Here?

This months blog is courtesy of one of my recent clients, a couple were constantly coming up with great ideas to support the birth that they wanted. Thanks for letting me use this for the blog! We have talked a lot about the law of attraction and the importance of a women trusting in her […]

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Mums recognise the cry of naturally born babies.

At Mindful Mamma we already know that mums who delivered naturally are responsive to their babies, and that babies born vaginally are known bond quicker and feed better. But this study, which has been widely reported, left us thinking there are perhaps more environmental factors which influence how a mother responds to their baby’s cry […]